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Inspiration for our successful Mikado series is the eponymous and popular children’s game. Typical for this unique design are the slanted support posts with coloured design patterns. Our various playground equipment feature a variety of design options and fit into any landscape. Get in touch with us. We also offer additional services.

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Mikado Tower “Herne” 1.0001.1-EM
Mikado Tower “Brandenburg” 1.0004-EM
Mikado Tower “Stuttgart” 1.0007-EM)
Mikado Tower “Obersimten” 1.0010-EM
Mikado Tower “Duesseldorf” 1.0011-EM
Mikado Tower “Helsinki” 1.0012-EM
Mikado Tower “Hannover” 1.0013-EM
Mikado tower “Sottrum” 1.0015-EM
Mikado Tower “Bremen” 1.0017-EM
Mikado Tower “Barcelona II” 1.000R-EM
Mikado Tower “Bretten” 1.0026-EM
Mikado Construction “Gudensberg” 1.0020-EM
Mikado Construction “Stockholm” 1.0022-EM
Mikado Construction “Stuttgart-Halle” 1.0023.2-EM
Mikado Construction “Lippstadt” 1.0029-EM
Mikado Construction “Weimarer Str. II” 1.0031-EM
Mikado Construction “Hugo” 1.0033-EM
Mikado Construction “Beeskow” 1.0051-EM
Mikado Construction “Baerwaldstrasse” 1.0051.1-EM
Mikado Construction “Lichtenberg” 1.0052-EM
Mikado Construction “Solmsstrasse” 1.0052.1-EM
Mikado Construction “Celsiusweg” 1.0053.2-EM
Mikado Construction “Velten” 1.0062-EM
Mikado Construction “Hamburg” 1.0063-EM
Mikado Construction “Lichtenberg-Halle” 1.0064-EM
Mikado Construction “Hellersdorf” 1.0053-EM
Mini Volcano “Bennewitz” 1.0044-EM
Volcano “Bennewitz” 1.0045-EM
Pyramid “Bedano-Kirkel” 1.0048-EM
Pyramid “Bedano” 1.0050-EM
“Mikado-Pavilion” 1.0051.5-EM
“Mikado-Lodge” 1.0051.6-EM)
“Mikado Balance Combination” 1.0053.2-EM
“Mikado Combination, small” 1.0072-EM
“Mikado Climbing Ropes” 1.0073-EM
“Mikado Wooden Log” 1.0074-EM
“Mikado Slide Platform” 1.0085-EM
Small Heap of Logs” 1.0100.a-M
“Medium Heap of Logs” 1.0100.c-M
“Mikado Rope Labyrinth” 1.0110-EM
“Mikado Ropecube” 1.0111-EM
“Mikado Net 2” 1.0121-EM
“Large Heap of Logs” 1.0100.b-M
mikado themed playground climbing frame
german made multiplay activity tower

Welcome to Redlynch Leisure, where innovation and playfulness unite to create extraordinary playground experiences. Immerse yourself in the world of our German-made stainless steel multiplay activity towers, meticulously designed with inspiration from the classic game Mikado. These exceptional structures bring the excitement of Mikado to life while providing a safe and stimulating environment for children to explore, interact, and have endless fun.

Unleashing the Mikado-Themed Fun

Our multiplay activity towers are a delightful blend of Mikado’s aesthetic charm and modern play equipment. The intricate network of stainless steel bars and wooden platforms mimics the elegance of the game, inviting children to engage in creative play scenarios and imaginative adventures.

paint brush themed playground equipment

Quality and Safety at the Forefront

At Redlynch Leisure, safety is our top priority. Our German-made stainless steel multiplay activity towers are manufactured with the utmost precision and adhere to the strictest international safety standards BN1176. The robust construction ensures durability, allowing children to enjoy countless hours of play while giving parents peace of mind.

Eco-Friendly Play Structures

We are committed to environmental sustainability, and our stainless steel multiplay towers are no exception. Crafted with eco-friendly materials and manufacturing processes, these structures have a minimal ecological footprint, contributing to a greener planet for future generations.

german made stainless steel playground

Endless Play Possibilities

Inspired by the game Mikado’s intricacy and elegance, our multiplay activity towers offer a plethora of play opportunities. Children can climb, balance, crawl, and let their imaginations run wild as they navigate through the intertwined bars and platforms. The tower’s multi-level design encourages physical activity, social interaction, and cognitive development, making it a centrepiece for joyful play in any playground setting.

Customisation for Unique Projects

Every playground project is unique, and we understand the importance of tailored solutions. Our expert team works closely with you to customise the Mikado-themed multiplay towers to perfectly fit your space and design vision. From colour options to layout adjustments, we ensure that your playground becomes a captivating and memorable destination.

Elevate Your Playground with Mikado-Themed Fun

Transform your play area into a vibrant world of play with our captivating German-made stainless steel multiplay activity towers. Inspire the spirit of Mikado, foster creativity, and promote active play among children of all ages.

Ready to embrace the enchanting world of Mikado-themed multiplay activity towers? Contact us today to explore our range and discuss how we can elevate your playground project. Let’s create a playground that sparks joy, wonder, and boundless exploration for children, leaving a lasting impression on every young adventurer’s heart.

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