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How often and how long children play, is significantly influenced by the quality of the gaming environment. The enthusiasm of children for themed playgrounds can be seen in their eyes. Our special constructions promise fun and variety without any limits. All special constructions are planned in a close cooperation with our customers to meet their wishes and needs. Due to the varied assortment of play equipment there is no time for boredom. Our special constructions are characterized by a distinctive expression and a unique appearance.

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Climbing Arches Rainbow 200 7S-200907-07-PB
Climbing Construction “Rainbow” SK-200813-04-PB
Climbing Structure “Max” SK-200220-11
Play Tower “Spaghetti” SK-181116-01
Play Combination “Harvester II” SK-200709-10
Play Combination “Covered Wagon Silver” SK-201103-02
Play Combination “Tractor” SK-190612-01
Play Combination “Wagon Cobb & Co.” SK-201123-01
Play Combination “Ahnenweg II” SK-200723-01
Climbing Construction “Book” 7S-200309-01
Playground “Reading Adventure” SK-190208-41
Cube of Senses II SK-190925-02
Play Combination “Woelkchen” 2.2072-190802-02
Bremerhaven Cube SK-190925-01
Children’s House Woelkchen 2S-190802-01
Balance Way Lake III 7S-200702-10-F
Climbing Boxes Wansdorf 7S-200623-11
Elephant, Small 8.043
Elephant, Large 8.0435
Silver, Rising SK-140512-45
Silver, Galloping SK-140512-43
Dragon 8.0439-E
Sand Play Construction Heide-Nessi 3S-160301-42
Play Earth 8.001
Play Football 8.0010-F
Play Tower “Frasers Landing” SK-161118-91
Nets Tower Edmonson I SK-180111-91
Cubic-Play House SK-160722-92
Cubic-Play SK-160722-91
Cubic-Play Combination SK-160722-93
Play combination “KHD II” 1S-201028-02
Playground “Opencast Mining 1S-150318-41
Climbing Course Monument Square 7S-140611-12
Play Tower Trippestrasse SK-170313-41
Forrest Ant Hill “Nature” SK-160909-91
Play House “Ostpark-Birne IV” SK-201119-92-HW
Play Pergola “The Golden Bosket” SK-200602-91
Maze Halle II SK-130528-23
Barrier-free Playground “Seraing” 8.0300-140219-41
Play Combination “Donkey” 7S-190625-01
Marble Xylophone 4S-131111-21
Ramp Camel 2S-131118-26
Impeller Mammoth 2S-131106-26
Net Spider 2S-131118-25
Marble Shark 2S-131118-21
Rose Tree SK-151113-41
Climbing wall “Mousetrap with Cheese II” SK-160623-92
Slide tower “Cheese Stick II” SK-161115-92-330
Tower Mouse Hole SK-160905-91
Play Combination “Giant Cheese II” SK-160623-91
rainbow climbign frame with painting themed equipment
hill climbing net
mouse and cheese climbing frame

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