“Belly Swing Grass”

Belly Swing Grass
Order Number: 6.5107-200612-10-GA
Constructed with stainless steel materials

– Two inclined stainless steel uprights with a bevel cut, measuring ø101.6mm
– Two swing bearings made of stainless steel, requiring no maintenance
– One pair of chain hangers made of stainless steel
– One belt seat in black color

No specific color design

Manufactured in Germany!
All support posts are made of stainless steel tubes with a diameter of ø101.6mm.
The post heads are flush welded with stainless steel caps.
The stainless steel surfaces are environmentally friendly glass bead blasted.
All connecting parts are made of stainless steel. All nuts are self-locking.

User Age2-4
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Technical Information


430 x 530 cm

Fall Height Group

100 cm



stainless steel