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With over 50 years of experience in the industry, Spiel-Bau has earned a reputation for excellence and reliability, delivering playground solutions that meet the highest standards of safety, durability and performance. Whether you’re looking for traditional swings and slides or more adventurous climbing structures and interactive play equipment, Spiel-Bau has something to suit every age group and ability level.

Play Houses Big 4 12.1500
Play Houses Big 3 12.1000
Play House Grass 1 12.0150
Play House Cards 12.0100
Play House Mini 12.0050
Mikado Tower “Herne” 1.0001.1-EM
Mikado Tower “Brandenburg” 1.0004-EM
Mikado Tower “Stuttgart” 1.0007-EM)
Mikado Tower “Obersimten” 1.0010-EM
Mikado Tower “Duesseldorf” 1.0011-EM
Mikado Tower “Helsinki” 1.0012-EM
Mikado Tower “Hannover” 1.0013-EM