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Communication Boards

Communication is a vital aspect of our daily lives, and it plays a crucial role in how we interact with one another. For individuals with autism, communication can be challenging, and it may require some specialised support to help them communicate effectively. One useful tool for helping children with autism communicate is a communication board.

Communication boards are visual aids that provide a range of pictures or symbols that represent various objects, actions, or concepts. These boards are designed to assist individuals with autism to communicate more effectively, enabling them to express their thoughts and feelings in a non-verbal way. Communication boards can be used in various settings, including at home, school, or therapy sessions.

Here are some reasons why communication boards are useful for children with autism:

  1. Enhances communication skills: Communication boards help children with autism to develop communication skills by providing a visual aid that allows them to express their thoughts and feelings. This tool can be especially useful for those who struggle with verbal communication or have limited speech.
  2. Encourages independence: With the help of communication boards, children with autism can communicate their needs and wants more independently, leading to greater self-sufficiency and reduced frustration.
  3. Supports social interaction: Communication boards help children with autism engage in social interactions with their peers, caregivers, and teachers by giving them a tool to express themselves and communicate effectively.
  4. Customisable and flexible: Communication boards can be customised to the individual’s unique needs and preferences, making them a highly flexible and adaptable tool. Additionally, communication boards can be used in a range of settings, making them a versatile tool for supporting communication across different environments.

When creating a communication board for a child with autism, it’s essential to consider the child’s needs, preferences, and communication style. Here are some tips for creating an effective communication board:

  1. Use clear and simple images: Communication boards should contain clear, simple, and easily recognisable images or symbols to ensure that the child can understand and use them effectively.
  2. Organise the board: Communication boards should be organised in a logical and meaningful way. For example, items that are frequently used or related to one another can be grouped together to make it easier for the child to find what they need.
  3. Incorporate the child’s interests: Including images or symbols related to the child’s interests and hobbies can help engage them in using the communication board and make the experience more enjoyable.
  4. Ensure accessibility: Communication boards should be accessible and easy for the child to use. This can include using materials that are easy to handle, such as laminated cards or a digital format that can be accessed on a tablet or computer.

In conclusion, communication boards can be a valuable tool for supporting communication skills in children with autism. By providing a visual aid that enables them to express their thoughts and feelings, communication boards can help children with autism develop communication skills, become more independent, and engage in social interactions. When creating a communication board, it’s essential to consider the child’s unique needs and preferences to ensure the board is effective and engaging.

BBC News article on playground communication boards.

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communication board for playground
communication spot

Communication Spot

Communication spot is an important support in everyday life for a child who does not speak or has difficulty producing or understanding speech. The product is useful for interaction and coordination support for all children. With the help of the communication board, the pictures can be used, for example, to look together in which the order the events will occur during the day. Children and families who are learning a new language can also benefit from the picture boards. Please note! The picture symbols or stickers are not available from Lappset.

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communication play panel

Playground Communication Panel

Designed specifically for children who have difficulty communicating verbally, such as those with Autism.

Children can express their thoughts by pointing to the panel’s symbols, which have been specially selected for playground environments. The panel is made from XD HDPE, which has a recycled black core, it is a virtually unbreakable and rigorously tested recyclable plastic. Each panel can be wall mounted or installed with our aluminium t-slot posts posts for in ground fixing. This product supports communication to promote inclusive play.

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autistic child using playground communication board

Inclusive Playground Equipment

Inclusive playground equipment plays a pivotal role in fostering a sense of belonging and equality among children of all abilities and backgrounds.

These thoughtfully designed structures not only encourage physical activity but also promote social interaction, cooperation, and understanding among young individuals.

By incorporating features such as accessible ramps, swings with proper support, sensory play elements, and adaptable seating, inclusive playgrounds ensure that children with diverse needs can participate fully in recreational activities. Moreover, these spaces create opportunities for kids to learn from one another, fostering empathy and acceptance.

Inclusive playground equipment embodies the spirit of diversity and encourages children to embrace differences, forming the foundation for a more inclusive and compassionate society.

Check out our range of inclusive playground equipment or contact us today to find out more.

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BPC found Redlynch to be extremely approachable, professional and flexible throughout the whole process. And in comparison to other vendors, BPC's view was that they were able to offer considerable "playability" from their range at good value.

BPC would not hesitate to recommend Redlynch.

Victoria Thomas, Parish Clerk, Boldre Parish Council

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for organizing the resurfacing of the Starling play area. The team of Gio and Ionut, who were led by Jon Sparks were highly professional at all times. They adapted and accommodated the changing need of the site and the pupils to work efficiently and safely whilst with us. I would be glad if you could pass on my feedback and thanks to the Redlynch team.

Kelly Silverwood

Thanks for the response as prompt as ever, the service from you folks is first class , thank you for that.

Dorchester Town Council

The new surface is superb, and today when it rained a lot we had no puddling and free drainage, so very happy indeed. Thank you so much.

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Thanks so much for the great work on the new play area, It’s great – they’ve been queueing to use the new birds nest swing!

Redlynch Parish Council

The playground is great, thank you for getting it done on time.

Hindu Temple, London

I really appreciate all you at Redlynch have done - the whole process has been speedy and your communication excellent. I will definitely recommend you, and will come back to you when we have funds for the new path"

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Huge Thanks to the Adventure Playground Team that came out to replace our very worn and tired looking soft tarmac. The work was completed within two days, the team were efficient and their work outstanding. The quality is excellent, and the finished two-tone colour looks amazing. Highly recommend this company.

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The site looks brilliant, we’re really pleased with it, and I think you have a fantastic team. It’s always a relief when projects work out well; Redlynch have been an exceptional contractor to work with, I would have no hesitation in recommending you.

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It’s turned out great really pleased , glad the rain stayed away too ! The lads were terrific no hassle and made a fantastic job
Thanks alot

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A huge thank you to your team for this morning.
You were all polite, friendly and nothing was too much effort. We would highly recommend you to other customers.
The job looks great!

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We are delighted with the playground – it looks amazing.
Please thank the team.

St Martins Parish - Jersey

Thank you so much for the great job you and your team have done on the Junior playground- it has been great working with you all. The Head is really pleased as am I, our Estates Team and most importantly the children! It has and will make such a difference to their day.

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