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Originating in the suburbs of Paris, parkour is rapidly growing in popularity, both on the continent and in the UK. An extremely active sport, parkour is great for all ages, and is particularly enjoyed by teens and young adults.

Jumps, grabs, tucks, vaults, and many other manoeuvres form the basis of a good parkour session, and our range combines different structures and elements to facilitate the ultimate free running experience.

Check out our Parkour video to see how it’s done!

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Parkour Equipment Ranges

We have two different ranges of Parkour equipment: Cloxx parkour and Dash Parkour.

Cloxx is the original range, comprised of sturdy, galvanised steel and durable HPL boards. Great for inner city areas, Cloxx items can withstand constant use in a tough environment, and it’s funky shapes and enrich add to the existing landscape.

Dash parkour has been designed in close association with the Finland Parkour Society, whose professional athletes assisted in ensuring the perfect combinations of pieces were present in the range. Clean, minimalist lines and a mixture of boxes and poles feature in the range, giving a modern twist to this ever evolving sport.

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Ready Made or Self Design

Both the Cloxx and Dash ranges feature individual components that can be included in a design to make a bespoke layout, tailored to your personal needs.

Our in house design team would be more than happy to assist in creating an initial plan, just let us know which items you would like for your project.

We also offer “off the shelf” packages, featuring combinations of the most popular components, expertly arranged to offer correct spacing and distances between the pieces. These pre designed areas come in multiple sizes to fit various budgets, and are a great solution for those who are not familiar with he sport, and want the task of creating an area taking off their hands.

View our Parkour catalogues below to see how you can create the perfect free running park.

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Spot S4 081783M
Module 8: Hanging & Wall Run 081767M
Module 7: Tic Tac & Cat Leap 081766M
Module 5: Underbar & Precision 081764M
Module 6: Hanging & Cat Leap 081765M
Module 4: Cat Leap & Underbar 081763M
Module 3: Vault & Precision 081762M
Module 2: Balance & Foot Placement 081761M
Module 1: Vault & Jump 081760M
Spot L2 081787M
Spot L1 081786M
Spot M2 081785M
Spot M1 081784M
Spot S3 081782M
Spot S3 081782M
Spot S2 081781M
Spot S1 081780M
Vault Square U 081728M
Vault Square 081724M
Dex Beam 081703M
Dex Box 081702M
Dex Landing 081701M
Rail Corner High 081712M
Rail Corner Low 081711M
Rail Line 081710M
Rail Square 081713M
Vault Lu 081726M
Vault L 081722M
Vault M 081721M
Vault S 081720M
Vault Lxu 081727M
Vault Lx 081723M
Base M 081731M
Base M 081731M
Base S 081730M
Base Frame 081733M
Base L 081732M
Base Double L 081738M
Base Double M 081737M
Base Double S2 081736M
Base Double S1 081735M
Base Pile 081734M
Block Double M 081744M
Block Double S 081743M
Block M 081741M
Block S 081740M
Cage L 081752M
Cage M 081751M
Cage S 081750M
Block Triple 081745M
Dex Step 081700M
Parkour Area 6 220598
Wall Combination L 220568
Wall Combination M 220564
Wall Xl 220566
Wall L 220565
Wall M 220562
Wall S 220561
Wall Xs 220560
Vault Cage M 220552
Vault Cage S 220551
Vault Rails M 220548
Vault Rails S 220547
Vault Box (grey) 220546
Vault Box (yellow) 220545
Precision Bar Extra 220539
Precision Bar Long Extra 220537
Tic-tac Cube L 220532
Tic-tac Cube M 220531
Tic-tac Cube S 220530
Spider Cage L 220526
Spider Cage M 220524
Spider Cage S 220520
Spider Cage Xs 220517
Gibbonswing M 220511
Gibbonswing S 220510
Parkour M 220596
Parkour L 220595
Parkour M 220594
Parkour M 220593
Parkour S 220591
Parkour S 220592
Launch Box 220503
Gibbonswing L 220513
Spider Cage M 220523
Vault Rails L 220549
Precision Curve 220543
Pyramid Climber 220505
Precision Beam 220541
Precision Beam Wide 220542
Precision Bar Long 220538
Precision Bar 220540
Precision Ball (gray) 220502
Precision Ball (yellow) 220501

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