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A good set of swings are a timeless classic for any playground, and they are often the first item kids head to when they reach the park. Our large range of swings include the traditional single bay frames, fitted with either flat or cradle seats, and the ever popular basket swing, fast becoming one of the most popular items in the playground. For the more adventurous, an aerial runway makes for a fantastic centrepiece for an area, often seeing queues of children lining up to have a go once installed. Explore our full range below for more information.

Flora Bird’s Nest Swing 175576
Thulium 220061_M
Thorium 220062_M
Thallium 220066_M
Swing Frame 137414_M
Swing Frame 137415_M
Bird’s Nest Swing 137417_M
Fence 137091M
Cradle Seat 000228
Tyre Seat 000227
Rubber Seat 000226
Cradle Seat 000218