Concrete Table Tennis (Kit)

The mAccano table tennis table is made from concrete, but comes in six parts, making it suitable for sites where access may be an issue. It is available in a green or blue finish with white lines.

The mAccano table tennis table weighs 800kg and is a durable, weatherproof, ping pong table, built to withstand the coldest and warmest extremes of temperature. All sharp edges are rounded and the surface sanded to remove any roughness. It is as robust as our all-in-one models and can therefore be situated in any public open space. The net is also made from concrete, therefore reducing the risk of damage or vandalism.

We can assemble the table and install it onto a pre-prepared site, or alternatively can supply and deliver the kit for your own assembly and installation. However, please note that each half of the table top weighs 200kg and care much be taken with the manual handling of them. Either provide lifting gear, or 8 strong men(the safe manual handling limit is 25kg per person), or better still, let us install it for you. Which ever way you decide to do it the table will be installed in an hour.

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