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Concrete leisure tables

Redlynch offers a stunning range of deluxe outdoor leisure tables which will enhance any facility. Outdoor concrete table tennis, picnic, football and chess tables are highly durable and require minimal maintenance. The tables are ideal for schools, colleges, pubs, leisure centres, recreation grounds and businesses.

So whether, it’s break-out area for business users or new attraction for a playground, Redlynch Leisure has the right concrete leisure table for you.

Redlynch were brilliant, very patient and experts at installing without making any mess or damage.

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Table tennis tables

Our Concrete Table Tennis Tables set the standard in outdoor ping pong. Their ability to withstand the elements, low maintenance and durability make them ideal for all year round outside use. With more than 300 million players, table tennis is the second highest participation sport worldwide.

Our outdoor table tennis tables are extremely durable. Our outdoor table tennis tables are designed for schools, leisure centres, playgrounds, community centres, parks, housing estates and business parks.

We provide free table tennis bats and balls with all our tables.

Leisure tables

Picnic tables

Our Picnic Tables set the standard in stunning design and many years of trouble-free use with virtually no maintenance, available in both oval and rectangular shapes.

When the sun is shining everyone wants to be outside, a warm breeze and fresh air stimulate the senses and fire the imagination. Schools, colleges and businesses are all embracing the concept that outside space can serve many functions, from work to play.

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Chess tables

Our Concrete Chess Table is great for any outdoor space. Chess has a universal appeal which bridges the gap between ages and nationalities. Adored by young and old alike, chess helps players develop and maintain mental agility. As the rules and tactics pass down through the generations, the game also enhances life and social skills and provides “quiet time” for younger participants.

Whether making the most of the long summer days or enjoying the crisp winter air, chess is increasingly enjoyed outdoors. Redlynch Leisure is able to offer a robust outdoor concrete chess set which will grace any outdoor space.

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Concrete football tables

Generations of children have learned to kick a ball before they can talk and for many, the love of the sport never dies. Table football – or foosball – sees the game played with the wrist, not the foot.

Our Football Tables are exceptionally durable and are designed as a permanent outdoor feature. They have high quality steel fittings, weigh over 500kg so are very robust and stable. These football tables can be situated inside or outside.

1 / 4

Dorchester Town Council


1 x Rotterdam Table

Landford Parish Council

1 x Rotterdam table

Hounsdown School

4 x Amsterdam Tables

Totton and Eling Town Council

2 x Amsterdam tables

Twyford Parish Council

1 x Rotterdam table

New College, Swindon

1 x Amsterdam table, 1 x Hague table

Stratton St. Margret Parish Councils

1 x Amsterdam Table


Sandy Glade Holiday Park

1 x Rotterdam Table

Weston Supermare General Hospital

1 x Rotterdam Table

Fairlands Middle School

3 x Rotterdam Tables

Bristol City Council

1 x mAccano table

City of Bristol College

1 x mAccano

Stratfield Mortimer Parish Council

1 x Rotterdam

London Borough of Lambeth

1 x Rotterdam Table

Calwell Garden Estate

1 x Rotterdam Table

Mursell Estate

1 x Amsterdam Table

Child Hill Park, Hampstead

1 x Rotterdam Table

St Joseph’s School

1 x Rotterdam

Tudor Grange Academy

3 x Rotterdam tables

University of Birmingham

1 x Amsterdam table

Milton Keynes Academy

2 x mAccano tables

Product details

Table tennis tables

Table tennis has huge health and social benefits for all ages, regardless of ability:

  • Improves reflexes and hand-eye coordination
  • Promotes aerobic activity and also uses the upper and lower body muscles
  • Provides a mental work out for the brain
  • Good sport for athletes with disabilities
  • Co-educational at every level
  • Enjoyable for spectators and players alike
  • Fantastic use of small outdoor play spaces

Our table tennis tables are available in 4 styles to suit any location.

Picnic tables

These tables are very robust, weighting around a tonne and offering good security and protection, as well as being virtually maintenance free. There are a wide range of options including:

  • Choice of oval or rectangular tables, available in 6 styles
  • Available in either a natural white concrete finish, or a warm anthracite colour, achieved with use of polyurethane based paint
  • Versions suitable for wheelchair users
  • Our picnic tables can accommodate up to 20 people
  • Concrete or hardwood bamboo seating from sustainable sources

Football tables

Redlynch Leisure supply beautifully made, permanent concrete football tables. The durable and waterproof outdoor football tables feature:

  • Concrete legs and structure for rigid stability
  • Smooth pitch finish for quality play every time
  • Choice of team colours
  • 500kg weight for good security
  • High quality steel fittings
  • Durable and low maintenance

Chess tables

Engineered in Holland to a very high specification, each concrete chess table and seating set comprises:

  • Concrete table and seating construction – very robust
  • Granite chess board pieces
  • Beautifully finished

This outdoor chess table and bench can be located in most play areas, alongside existing equipment or as a stand alone unit. Installation by our skilled operatives is easy and efficient, with only minor site preparation required in most cases before fixing securely in place. Your move!

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