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The Spiel-Bau climbing and gymnastic equipment promote the children’s need for movement and encourages them to play actively. We create funny, motoric challenging climbing landscapes depending on the desired level of difficulty. The competition has begun, who can climb the pole the fastest? Who is first in completing the monkey swing? A lot of climbing and gymnastic equipment train dexterity and promote the ability to concentrate. A good motor function is needed on the loose bridges and net surfaces. Depending on their ability, climbers reach the platforms through different variations of stoops and dismounts. Those are quite challenging for children.

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“Climbing Combination Eagles Aerie” 7.8010-E
Balance Combination, Big” 7.6673-E
“Balance Combination, Small” 7.6671-E
“Climbing Combination Eagles Nest” 7.8020-E
“Climbing Combination Beelitz” 7.6657-E
“Climbing Combination Erkrath” 7.6656-E
“Climbing Combination Flipflap” 7.6655-E
“Climbing Jungle Duisburg” 7.6650-E
Climbing Spider Potsdam 7.6645-E
Climbing Spider Kerpen 7.6640-E
Hexagon Climbing Spider 7.6635-E
Hexagon Spider Net 7.6630-E)
Climbing Garden 7.6325-E
german made climbing frame made of stainless steel and rope

At Redlynch Leisure, we understand the innate need for movement and active play in children. Our climbing frames are designed to ignite their adventurous spirit, promoting fun-filled, dynamic play experiences. From amusing and motorically challenging climbing landscapes to exciting competitions on poles and monkey swings, our equipment nurtures dexterity, concentration, and motor skills. Let’s embark on a journey of energetic play and skill-building with our diverse range of climbing and gymnastic equipment.

Playful Challenges for Every Skill Level

We believe that play should cater to the unique abilities of every child. Thus, our climbing landscapes are created with varying levels of difficulty, ensuring each child finds the perfect challenge to conquer. From beginners to seasoned climbers, everyone can engage in exhilarating activities that push their limits and promote growth.

Competitions that Inspire Thrills

At Redlynch Leisure, we embrace the thrill of friendly competition. Children can test their speed and agility by racing to the top of climbing poles or striving to be the first to complete the monkey swing. These exciting challenges spark joy and encourage children to push themselves further, developing confidence and a sense of achievement.

Developing Motor Skills and Concentration

Our climbing and gymnastic equipment are not just about play; they are also tools for enhancing motor skills and concentration. As children navigate through the loose bridges and net surfaces, they fine-tune their motor function while honing their ability to focus on the task at hand. These vital skills lay the groundwork for their future development.
A World of Creative Climbing and Dismount Variations: With our equipment’s versatility, climbers can explore a world of creative climbing and dismount variations. As they ascend to the platforms, they can choose from a myriad of stoops and dismounts based on their abilities, making the experience both challenging and enjoyable.

A Safe Haven for Adventurous Spirits

Safety is paramount in every aspect of our climbing and gymnastic equipment. We design with the utmost care, ensuring that children can play with confidence and parents have peace of mind. Our equipment meets stringent safety standards, providing a secure environment for adventurous spirits to thrive.

Encouraging Growth and Joyful Play

At Redlynch Leisure, we believe that play is the key to holistic growth and happiness. Through our climbing equipment, children not only build physical strength and coordination but also cultivate social skills and self-confidence. The joy and laughter that echo through the playground are a testament to the lasting memories being created.

Choose Spiel-Bau for Unforgettable Play Experiences:</h3? Experience the magic of active play with our exceptional climbing and gymnastic equipment. From laughter-filled competitions to skill-building challenges, our equipment brings joy, excitement, and growth to children of all ages.

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