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Characteristic for our “City of Future” series is the unique futuristic design. Curved out stainless steel posts, with a coloured ball at its end, are the most striking feature of the design. Due to the mainly used material stainless steel an even higher resistance to vandalism is achieved. The playground equipment from the “City of Future” series can be combined in many ways. Just talk to us!

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Play Combination “Gaussstrasse” 7S-150422-42-VF
“Mini Mirror Pavilion” 8.0068
Space Ship “Netepark” SK-140603-21
“Play House Raketchen II” 8.0065-E
“Play House Raketchen” 3.3351-120911-51
“Space shuttle Challenger” SK-220325-41
“Sky Ladder” 8.008
“Mini Slide Tower” 8.0066
“Slide Tower 1” 8.007
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