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Solitaires is Lappset’s rotating and rocking range, including playground classics such as spring rockers, seesaws and roundabouts. The smiley faces of our animal springees make a welcoming play piece for younger children, whilst the spinning machine or waltz are great for older children who are starting to take on more adventurous challenges.

Softbloxk Curve, Black 977320
Softblock Straight, Black 977220
Softblock Curve, Epdm2 977360
Softblock Straight, Green 977240
Softblock Curve, Red 977310
Softblock Curve, Green 977340
Softblock Straight, Epdm1 977250
Softblock Straight, Red 977210
Softblock Straight, Epdm2 977260
Softblock 3d, Epmd1 977150
Softblock 3d, Green 977140
Softblock Curve, Epdm1 977350