Zoom Bug Eyes Chameleon Play Panel

The Zoom Bug Eyes Chameleon Play Panel invites children to engage their imagination as they pretend to look through the eyes of bugs. From the opposite side, it appears as if bugs are emerging from the panel itself.

The panel measures 800mm x 1200mm and features sizable, 300mm diameter shatter-proof polycarbonate dome bug eye windows. It comes in various colour options such as red, yellow, blue, and green. Additionally, a mirrored version is also available, providing a fun (and slightly scary) way for children to see their own reflection. Crafted from a large HDPE panel with robust polycarbonate domes, the product ensures both fun and safety. All fasteners used in the panel are made from stainless steel. Whether you opt for red, yellow, blue, green or the mirrored domes, each variant delivers a unique and entertaining experience.

Product Features
Large 1200x800mm XD-Eco HDPE panel
300mm dia shatter-proof polycarbonate domes
Red, yellow, blue, green, clear and mirrored domes available
Stainless steel fasteners
Recycled plastic posts also availabl

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