Today’s Date is… Slider Play Panel

Wishing you a Happy Birthday! On this 1st of April, we’re celebrating numerous birthdays on the ‘Today’s Date is…’ Slider Play Panel.

This upgraded version of the ‘Today’s Date is…’ Slider Play Panel comes with an array of exciting new features. It boasts seven sliding day discs, a rotating date disc mounted at the back and a petite chalkboard panel where the month can be penned down. It also includes a substantially larger chalkboard panel, for the children or teachers to indicate whose birthday it is on any given day. Crafted from HDPE panel material, this product displays seven sliding day discs and a spinning date disc. It also incorporates a chalkboard and offers the flexibility of being mounted on a wall or a post.

Product Features
7x sliding day discs
Rotating date disc (back mounted)
Month chalkboard
Large “Happy Birthday to…” chalkboard
No loose pieces to worry about losing
Can be wall or post mounted
HDPE panel construction
Recycled plastic posts also available

Download Product Sheet