Sunflower Sums Play Panel

The Sunflower Sums Play Panel is an educational product, meticulously created with sliding mathematical sum discs. The interactive design allows these discs to be manoeuvred from the sunflower’s roots up to its head portion.

Designed, keeping in mind the dynamic nature of schools, this play panel features a calculation process wherein the sums are conducted at the head of the sunflower. It also includes a built-in chalkboard, enabling children to note their equations and solutions while engaging with the panel. The discs are produced to glide smoothly within the slots on the panel for the ease of use, eliminating the concern of misplacing any loose parts or the requirement of tidying up every day.

Constructed from High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) panel, this product further includes an incorporated chalkboard where children can jot down their solutions. The panel can be conveniently mounted onto a wall or a post, making it a versatile addition to the educational space.

Product Features
HDPE panel construction
4x sliding maths discs (multiply, divide, add and subtract)
Integral chalkboard
No loose pieces to worry about losing
Can be wall or post mounted
Other phonics letters, words and graphics are available
Recycled plastic posts also available

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