Scientific Gears Play Panel

Immerse yourself in the laboratory environment brought on by the Scientific Gears Play Panel.

This panel offers three sets of gears. These include high and low ratio gears, complemented by a small idler gear in the third set. The gears have been redesigned to accommodate smoother meshing. In addition, they operate on stainless steel sealed bearings, ensuring a high-quality action. An informational panel is provided for children, presenting a range of engaging experiments to consider. Moreover, a ‘Results and Observations’ board insert with a dry-wipe feature is included for data recording. This panel is constructed from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). All windows are safeguarded and crafted from polycarbonate, increasing durability. An additional dry-wipe board is offered for note-taking.

Product Features
HDPE panel construction
High, low and idler gear ratios
New smooth rotating stainless steel bearings
Polycarbonate protective windows
Printed insert with experiment ideas
Results and Observations dry wipe board insert
Large 1200 x 800mm panel format
Recycled plastic posts also available

Download Product Sheet