RotoGen Henge Reactions

The Henge Reactions can be configured in different layouts to suit your scheme and are spaced to promote physical activity, but they are also compact vertically to suit most age ranges and abilities.

To play, turn the RotoGen rotor and watch the power reserve increase in LED power meter, once full power has been achieved, the game will play a countdown intro and then off you go! When the high intensity LED lights light up, try and touch as many of them as you can to turn them off and score points. A klaxon sound will indicate the end of the game and the final score will be displayed in the LCD display. The Henge Reactions is not simply a repackaged version of the reactions games you have got to know from Fahr, this is a ground-up redesign with a host of new components and features. The hardware upgrades include, new game controller board, new higher intensity and colour changeable game LEDs, new high visibility polycarbonate diffusers, new LCD score display, static protection for the sensors and higher output RotoGen dynamo. Game features include, 30 second game from 10-15 seconds of rotor turning, 7 sensors incorporating power meter and diagnostic mode for quick troubleshooting. Featuring RotoGen human powered energy, the station is constructed from HDPE with aluminium rails and posts, the electronics are ultra-reliable, protected by a water and tamper resistant cover, while the electronic components are covered by a three year guarantee.

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