Phonics Tree Play Panel

The Phonics Tree Play Panel is an educational learning tool. Using the alphabets provided, children are tasked with creating as many words as possible.

This panel was developed based on teachers’ feedback regarding their ideal phonics board. Fahr designed the Phonics Tree panel to feature sliding phonics discs, effectively preventing any loose parts from going missing, at the same time, reducing the possibility of parts flying around the playground. This, in turn, eradicates the worry of losing any components or the routine need to pack them away daily.

In addition, the panel includes a built-in chalkboard where children can note down the words that they discover in the course of their word-search game. The product, made from HDPE materials, houses an interior chalkboard and four mobile phonic alphabets.

Product Features
XD-Eco HDPE panel construction
4x sliding phonics letters
Integral chalkboard
No loose pieces to worry about losing
Can be wall or post mounted
Other phonics letters, words and graphics are available
Recycled plastic posts also available

Download Product Sheet