Maze Slider Play Panel

The Maze Slider Play Panel is a straightforward yet captivating activity that engages kids with the task of maneuvering a sliding disc from the start point to the end, and back again if desired. It’s an appealing hands-on panel that promotes sensory engagement through touch and sight. The panel is composed of HDPE, furnished with a series of T-shaped slots that form the maze pathways, and accommodates a robust, secure, yet effortless to move disc.

HDPE is practically indestructible and extensively tested recyclable plastic, fabricated in an eco-friendly manner. With rigorous quality checks conducted in the factory, you can rest assured of the product’s safety and durability when children frequently use it in the playground. Each panel can be either wall-mounted or affixed to posts inserted into the ground. This product not only offers tactile and visual stimulation but also promotes inclusive play.

Product Features
Recycled black core XD
T-slot maze channels
Easy slide coloured disc
Wall or post mounted
Recycled plastic or new t-slot aluminium posts
Combine panels to create custom layouts
100% recyclable

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