Hello Writing Play Panel

Our “basics” collection includes cost-effective panels designed to fight inflation while maintaining interest among children.

The Hello Writing play panel prominently displays the word “hello” along with the required strokes to write it, offering a fun yet educational experience. Crafted from XD HDPE, a virtually indestructible and thoroughly tested recyclable plastic with a recycled black core, this panel ensures durability and promotes sustainability.

You have the flexibility to either mount each panel on the wall or use our aluminium t-slot posts for in-ground installation. The product is designed to encourage multi-sensory stimulation, encompassing touch and visual elements, and it fosters inclusive play.

We’ve ensured that our Hello Writing play panel adheres strictly to UK English spellings and grammar to support in children’s literacy development. Our collection strikes the perfect balance between quality and affordability.

Product Features
Lower cost 15mm HDPE construction
Recycled black core XD
Engraved text writing directions
Available with aluminium t-slot posts
Combine panels to create custom layouts
100% recyclable

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