Fireball Play Panel

The latest Fireball design is certainly making a splash.

With this fascinating set-up, you can spin the fireball drums, observing and hearing the ball bearings as they jumble up inside the drum. This engaging and entertaining play panel makes an excellent addition to any playground, catering to children of varied abilities. The design has been reworked onto a 15mm thick HDPE material, making it more affordable. For safety purposes, the daisy-head’s translucent window is constructed from polycarbonate – a material known for its remarkable resilience, ensuring the balls are securely retained and kept at a safe distance from the children.

The product is equipped with a pair of spinning flower-heads, robust stainless steel ball bearings that are shielded by shatterproof polycarbonate windows, and sturdy stainless steel fasteners.

Product Features
Lower cost 15mm HDPE construction
Recycled black core XD
2 easy to spin rotating drums
Tumble ball sounds
Stainless steel ball bearings
Shatter-proof polycarbonate window
Aluminium t-slot posts also available

Download Product Sheet