EV Charge Station Play Panel

To stay updated with the recent initiatives for electric vehicle (EV) transportation by the government, we have decided to incorporate an EV Charging Station into our product range.

Now, children can say goodbye to ‘range anxiety’ during their playtime with our newly introduced EV Charging Station. With this, when their imaginary EV starts running low on battery, they can easily pretend to recharge it. This is an excellent resource for encouraging imaginative play and role-playing activities. Our panel range provides an innovative way to incorporate role-playing into children’s games and promote an understanding of road safety.

Masterfully crafted from High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) with no hazardous edges, this panel features a stainless steel-reinforced rope.

Product Features
XD-Eco HDPE panel construction
Stainless steel reinforced rope
No sharp sign edges
Petrol pump also available
Available with and without recycled posts

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