Children at Work Cog Play Panel

The Play Panel, part of the “Children at Work” series, boasts an array of interconnected cogs embedded within the panel. This ingeniously designed product is perfect for facilitating play among small groups of children.

This robustly constructed play board, made from durable HDPE material, houses unbreakable polycarbonate windows. Other notable features include a user-friendly driving wheel and resilient stainless-steel fasteners. The Play Panel from “Children at Work” series serves as an excellent interactive piece, capable of inspiring and stimulating young, curious minds.

Product Features
Cogs covered by shatter-proof polycarbonate window
Easy to turn drive wheel
Stainless steel fasteners
Recycled plastic posts also available
Two Colour High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
Pre-assembled singular panel
2 sizes available 800mm x 595mm and 800mm x 1200mm

Download Product Sheet