Cable car (50.00)

Key Attributes

Age Group


Area of Use

Public Playgrounds


physical Activity

Suitable for

Suitable for
children from 5 years,
public playgrounds etc.,
physical activity.

Techincal Specifications

Lifting Device


Total Length

52.00 m

Total Width

3.85 m

Total Height

2.70 m

Minimum Space Length

53.10 m

Minimum Space Width

4.00 m

Minimum Space Height

2.70 m

Heaviest Single Piece

130.00 kg

(Total) Weight

1100.00 kg

Free Height of Fall

1.00 m

Platform Heights



Foundation 1

8 pieces - 1.00 x 1.00 x 1.00 m volume: 1.00 m3

Foundation 2


Foundation 3


Foundation 4


Foundation 5


Foundation 6



Number of Installers

2 pers.

Assembly Time

4 h

Assembly Details

Assembly time 2 fitters each 4 hours (without foundation creation) + lifting gear

Technical Data

Technical data
Floor area: 3.85 x 52.00 m
Minimum space: 4.00 x 53.10 m (206 m²)
Cable car length: 50.00 m
Height of start station: 2.70 m (without hill)
Height of end station: 2.70 m (without hill)
Weight: 130 kg heaviest single part
1100 kg in total

– Cable car girders made of hot-dip galvanized steel.
– Cable car support made of hot-dip galvanized steel tube, with dowel washer fastening Ø 240 mm.
– Rope fastening with tensioning device for problem-free, linear tensioning of the rope using a self-locking trapezoidal thread rod.
– Carrying rope Ø 10 mm made of steel wire, galvanized, with damping stops.
– Cable car made of stainless steel sheet with 3 roller-bearing polyamide rollers.
– Stainless steel chain with thermally pressed, flexible rubber handle and safety pendulum seat.
– Universal joint to minimize wear at the chain adapter-chain connection point.

The hill modeling for the starting station must be carried out after the installation of the cable car stations according to the installation instructions. The rope tension required for the functionality of the cable car is only possible if the terrain is adapted according to our specifications.

The cable car cable including the cable car trolley, pendulum seat and handle chain is delivered after the cable car has been installed and the exact dimensions possible (a description of how to carry out the measurement is included with delivery)

Foundations (on site)
8 pcs. 1.00 x 1.00 x 1.00 m
amount of concrete: 8 m³

Free fall height
1.00 m