Battle Sliders Tall Play Panel

The “Battle Sliders Tall Play Panel” is an exciting and competitive activity featuring three numbered sliders: one, two, and three. To begin the game, position the sliders at the top and release them. Watch as they navigate through the maze, vying for supremacy as they race to the bottom. The first slider to drop into the winners enclosure determines the ranking – first, second or third.

The panel is constructed from XD-Eco HDPE, an almost indestructible and extensively tested material that’s recyclable. The panel incorporates a t-slot slider channel and easy-slide counters to facilitate smooth movement of the sliders.

Suitable for wall-mounted or ground installation using our durable aluminium t-slot posts, each panel offers versatility in arrangement. This product promotes tactile and visual engagement, fostering an inclusive play experience for all.

Product Features
Counter drop challenge game
3x Sliding counters
XD- Eco HDPE panel construction
Available with aluminium t-slot posts
Combine panels to create custom layouts
100% recyclable

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