Abacus Sliders Play Panel

The Abacus Sliders Play Panel has undergone an adjustment process, incorporating our sturdy, resilient sliding counters. This has resulted in a vibrantly coloured and cost-effective version of the original abacus panel, guaranteeing satisfaction for both finance experts and children alike – a mutually beneficial scenario. This product, crafted from robust and enduring HDPE, boasts three separate sets of nine brightly coloured sliding counters that smoothly traverse the panel. Revered for its traditional appeal, this panel promotes engagement with basic arithmetic through adding and subtracting in a learning context. Additionally, it can double as a score-tracking tool in the playground. Comprising of sturdy, long-lasting, and safe HDPE material that is 100% recyclable, this panel caters to both British and European Standards as defined by BS EN 1176.

Product Features
Cost effective new design
Easy-glide abacus sliders
Tough, durable colourful sliders
Available with aluminium t-slot posts
Combine panels to create custom layouts
100% recyclable

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