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Considering a new playground for your school or nursey? Crafting a top-tier playground is pivotal for nurturing children’s growth. Children invest plenty of time at nursey or school, making the playground a vital space for them to engage, explore, and develop. Such environments are not only fun but also crucial for teaching important life lessons such as teamwork and resilience, significantly influencing their overall development in social, emotional, educational, and physical domains.

Children who don’t get enough exercise at a young age may struggle with issues like obesity and poor motor skills development, which might heighten risks of chronic diseases. These challenges can also impact a child’s social interactions, possibly leading to exclusion from group activities and sports. A supportive yet challenging outdoor learning environment enhances their cognitive, motor, social, and emotional skills. Therefore, playground designs should prioritise diverse play opportunities over mere functionality.

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Creating the Ideal Learning Space

  1. Prioritise safety: Ensure all playground equipment meets rigorous safety standards.
  2. Ensure accessibility: Design inclusive outdoor areas that cater to all children, promoting fairness and inclusion.
  3. Focus on flexibility: Choose designs that accommodate various activities, adapting to changing needs.
  4. Spark curiosity: Integrate exciting features like gardens or natural elements such as boulders.
  5. Make it welcoming: Equip the area with seating and shaded spots for comfort during breaks.
motoric track playground equipment

Dynamic Play Structures

Our motoric tracks and activity towers encourage enjoyable physical activities, essential for developing coordination skills like handedness necessary for reading and writing.

These structures are not only beneficial for young children but also appealing to teenagers, offering a blend of fun and skill-building opportunities that also promote real-world problem-solving and confidence.

Playground Equipment

small child parkour park

Parkour for school Playgrounds

Parkour introduces a unique, non-competitive form of physical activity that encourages children to progress at their own pace, enhancing their physical abilities through exploration and self-directed challenges.

Teachers facilitate rather than direct, fostering rapid personal development in a safe environment.

Parkour Equipment

Integrating Nature into Play

Our nature-themed playgrounds offer adventurous and stimulating environments, using sustainable materials like northern pine, which withstands various climates while maintaining an eco-friendly footprint.

Our designs mimic natural elements like tree leaves and branches, enhancing the organic feel of the playground.

Playground Equipment

Natural wooden playground equipment in forest setting

Playing and learning go hand in hand. " Playing promotes learning by stimulating the entire body and leaving a memory of the learning experience in the nervous system. The physical activity involved in playing boost memory and teaches creative thinking.

Signe Siklander

Inclusive Play Opportunities

Incorporating inclusive designs in playgrounds promotes a more equitable and collaborative atmosphere, allowing children from various backgrounds to interact and learn from each other, enriching their social experiences.

Inclusive Play

children playing in muga basketball hoop

Expanding Outdoor Sports Facilities

Recognising the growing emphasis on health and fitness, our multi-functional sports arenas are designed to maximise limited spaces, supporting a variety of sports activities that accommodate everyone in the playground.

Sports & Fitness Equipment


Outdoor Classrooms

Experts believe that children learn best when the learning takes place outside. Our outdoor classrooms provide a super way for children to to access the world outside. Lessons can be enjoyed in the open air within our shelters whilst being protected from the sun’s powerful rays.

Our outdoor shelters can cater for different numbers of children depending on the size of the structure chosen. Furthermore, we are happy to design a bespoke shelter for you, should your needs not be fulfilled by one of the standard products.

Outdoor Classrooms & Shelters

At Redlynch, we’re dedicated to creating engaging and developmental play spaces. Discover how our expertise can help you build a playground that fosters active learning and growth. Get in touch today for more information.

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