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Finno is Lappset’s original range dating back to 1970, and is still as popular as ever in the present day. Clean lines combined with exciting colours and play features make it an essential fixture in any area, no matter the size. Finno incorporates a huge range of pieces, from simple swings and slides to giant ships capable of entertaining 100 children at a time, and activity towers touching 8 metres tall. Finno products are completely customisable, and are great for all projects and budgets.

Skyline City 137780M
Skyline Town 137770M
Climbing Frame 137072_M
Activity Tower 137115_M
Activity Tower 137124_M
Tower And Slide 137015_M
Scandinavia Bench Finno NFF2301M_M
Scandinavia Table Finno NFF2291M_M
Grasshopper 137303_M
Sandbox 137400_M
Swing Frame 137414_M
Swing Frame 137415_M