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Since July 1st 2008, we offer the child-friendly “Lucy & the flowers” collection for the little ones. Here you can dig, climb, and play hide and seek with a reasonable height. Each item of the Lucy-Play equipment is unique. The natural grown crooked Robinia, numerous wooden flowers, the creativity of our planning department and our carpenters determine the unique shape of the Lucy-Play collection. A completely new and original variety in the midst of flowers arose. The play equipment acts random, playful, and appealing to children and adults.

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“Witches House” L.0010-HWL
“Witches House With Balcony III” L.0010-200708-52-HW
“Music House Allemma II” L.0016-201022-01-HW
“House Moon Lake” L.0015-HW
“Square Tower Lucy” L.0030-HWL
“Square Tower Ostpreussendamm” L.0030-200901-02-HWL
Square Tower Lucy Bautzen” L.0030-141112-63
“Play Flower Lucy” L.0020-HWL
Play Combination Lucy” LP L.0040-HWL
“Sand Play House Lucy” L.0044-HWL
“Sand Box Lucy” L.0050-HWL
“Sand Box Lucy with Roof” L.0052-HWL
“Hexagon Tower Lucy” L.0043-HWL
“Mud Table Lucy” L.0055-HW
“Centipede” L.0075-HW
“Seesaw Centipede” 6.5006-150508-42
“Seesaw Lucy, 2 seats” 6.5005-HWL
“Seesaw Lucy, 4 seats” 6.5006-HWL
“Sweety with Skateboard” L.0005-HW
“Toddlers Swing Lucy” 6.5107-HWL
“Mini Nest Swing Lucy” 6.5109-HWL
“Nest Swing Lucy” 6.5140-HWL
“Swing Lucy” LP 1.0105
“Double Swing Lucy” 6.5111-HWL
“Nest swing double swing combination Lucy” 6.5140+6.5111-HWL
“Tarzan Swing Lucy” L.0132-HWL
“Sweety, sitting” L.0001-HWL
“Sweety, picking” L.0002-HWL
“Sweety, horizontal” L.0003-HWL
“Sweety for carousel” L.0004-HWL
“Wooden Frog” L.0300-HW
robinia playground equipment

Welcome to Our Robinia Wood Playground Equipment – Bringing Fun and Safety Together

Are you looking for premium playground equipment that combines natural beauty, durability, and safety? Look no further than our exceptional collection of Robinia Wood Playground Equipment, also known as Bendy Wood. At Redlynch Leisure, we take pride in offering high-quality playground solutions that foster creativity, joy, and adventure for children of all ages.

robinia wood play house

Why Choose Robinia Wood Playground Equipment?

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable: Robinia wood, commonly referred to as “Bendy Wood,” is an eco-friendly and renewable resource. We source our wood responsibly from sustainably managed forests, ensuring that our playground equipment has a minimal impact on the environment.

Robinia wood is renowned for its exceptional strength and resistance to wear and tear. Our playground equipment is designed to withstand the test of time, providing years of enjoyment for children and peace of mind for parents.

Safe and Child-Friendly: Safety is our top priority. Our Robinia Wood Playground Equipment adheres to strict safety standards and guidelines, providing a secure play environment for children. The natural properties of Robinia wood, such as its smooth surface and resistance to splintering, add an extra layer of safety to our playgrounds.

Natural Aesthetics: The unique grain patterns and warm hues of Robinia wood lend an organic charm to our playground structures. Enhance the beauty of your outdoor play area with our carefully crafted and aesthetically pleasing equipment.

robinia playground swings

Our Robinia Wood Playground Equipment Collection

Robinia Climbing Frames: Foster your child’s sense of adventure and physical development with our engaging climbing frames. Designed with various levels of difficulty, these structures encourage children to challenge themselves and build confidence as they conquer new heights.

Robinia Swings and Playsets: Our Robinia wood swings and playsets offer endless hours of joy and laughter. Whether it’s a classic swing, a thrilling tire swing, or an exciting playset, our designs cater to different interests and age groups.

Robinia Seesaws and Spring Riders: Encourage social interaction and cooperative play with our seesaws and spring riders. These interactive structures provide an excellent opportunity for children to develop crucial social skills while having fun.

Robinia Sandboxes and Roleplay Sets: Stimulate creativity and imagination with our sandbox and roleplay sets. Let your children’s minds roam free as they create, explore, and pretend in a safe and inspiring play environment.

Are you ready to take your outdoor play area to the next level with our exceptional Robinia Wood Playground Equipment? Contact us today to discuss your project requirements, request a quote, or learn more about how our playground solutions can bring joy and safety to your community. Let’s build a playground that children will cherish for years to come.

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