Parkour and Free Running

Parkour and Free Running

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Originating in the Suburbs of Paris, Parkour is fast becoming a popular sport here in the UK. Jumping and balancing from one item to the next, this adrenaline sport is a great way to get fit and develop core body strength. Parkour is great for older children who have outgrown traditional playground equipment, and is also well practiced by young adults

Spot S4 081783M
Module 8: Hanging & Wall Run 081767M
Module 7: Tic Tac & Cat Leap 081766M
Module 5: Underbar & Precision 081764M
Module 6: Hanging & Cat Leap 081765M
Module 4: Cat Leap & Underbar 081763M
Module 3: Vault & Precision 081762M
Module 2: Balance & Foot Placement 081761M
Module 1: Vault & Jump 081760M
Spot L2 081787M
Spot L1 081786M
Spot M2 081785M