Climbing Frames

Climbing Frames

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Climbing is an important skill for children to learn early on, simultaneously improving strength balance and coordination. Our range of climbing frames includes smaller structures, aimed at the preschool age group, to large towers reaching almost 8 metres tall, as well as many options in between. Nets, steps and ladders all feature and help bring an element of challenge. Browse below to see the full range

Climbing skirt mid 0-56663-000
Climbing rock mini + pipe slide 0-56655-000
Climbing skirt mini A 0-56651-000
Climbing skirt mini B 0-56653-000
Fairy Circus 175599
Fish Trap 175593
Fairy’s Waterfall 175592
Giant’s Comb 175591
Troll Trapeze 175531
Climbing Frame 137072_M
Play Planetarium 231005
Wall-holla 14 With External Slide 400114ES