Whats the Weather Like Play Panel

Investigate the skies above. What observations are you able to make? Adjust the pointers on the ‘Weather Tracker’ play panel to align accurately with the current climatic conditions.

The ‘Weather Tracker’ play panel facilitates the recording of ongoing weather conditions. It is equipped with two spinning disc pointers, and it’s fashioned from 100% post-consumer recycled panel material. This robust panel, made from HDPE material, features a pair of rotating pointers indicating various weather conditions. The option to install the panel either on a wall or a post provides flexibility in placement. It serves as the ideal addition to a playground or children’s play area for a practical and engaging learning experience.

Product Features
2x rotating weather pointers
No loose pieces to worry about losing
Can be wall or post mounted
XD-Eco HDPE panel construction
Recycled plastic posts also available

Download Product Sheet