Volcano Play Panel

Rotate the drum and watch the lava flow.

The Volcano Play Panel, has a nice complimenting selection of coloured beads that look like molten lava. Rotate the drum and watch that lava flow around the volcano, literally turning the world upside down (in a fun way). Captivating fun activity for all ages, stimulating touch, sight and sound senses. All the coloured balls are made from UV stable recyclable plastic. and the panel is made from tough, durable, and safe HDPE which is 100% recyclable. BS EN 1176 – Designed to British & European Standards.

Product Features
Tactile sensory play panel
Touch, visual and audible stimulation
Rotating drum with multi-coloured beads
All beads are UV stable
Lower cost 15mm HDPE construction
Recycled black core XD
Available with aluminium t-slot posts
Combine panels to create custom layouts
100% recyclable

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