Train Ticket Office Panel

Purchase your tickets here! The imminent train departs in 10 minutes. What is the destination of your upcoming adventure?

Introducing the Playground Train Ticket Office Panel from our Early Years Train Set range. These products are an exciting and dynamic collection of modular train and station play accessories, specifically designed for children. Every piece is robustly constructed using premium quality materials. A key distinguishing feature of our Early Years Train Set products is that they do not incorporate any timber, eliminating concerns about rotting, cracking, splitting or the formation of splinters. This feature is of paramount importance considering that these products are intended for use by younger children.

Characterful Ernie the Engine, the charming Carriages, the inviting Station Shop, and the practical Ticket Office Panels, can all be acquired separately. This approach enables you to tailor your purchases based on your present requirements, and expand your collection in the future. These pieces are specifically designed to be freestanding, but they also come with the provision to be securely grounded using optional ground anchor lugs if necessary.

The Train Ticket Office Panel from our range is a particularly popular piece. Made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), it boasts an interactive ticket counter, a clock with moving hands, vibrant plant-on graphics, and it is secured with stainless steel fasteners.

Product Features
HDPE panel construction
Ticket counter
Clock with rotating hands
Multi-coloured plant-on graphics
Stainless steel fasteners
Recycled plastic posts also available

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