Petrol Pump Play Panel

Typically, playgrounds are abuzz with rolling play vehicles. These vehicles offer an excellent opportunity to encourage children to interact imaginatively, such as refuelling them at imaginary petrol stations, or to consider the concept of an electric vehicle charge station.

Should you find yourself out of fuel, make a pitstop at our Petrol Pump Play Panel to resume your journey. Our play panels range introduces an engaging role-play element into children’s games and helps to create awareness of road safety.

The product is made from High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) featuring no sharp edges for the safety of the young ones. Furthermore, the panel also includes a stainless steel reinforced rope for added durability.

XD-Eco HDPE panel construction
Stainless steel reinforced rope
No sharp sign edges
EV charge station panel also available
Available with and without recycled plastic posts

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