Monster Maker Play Panel

Use our Monster Maker Play Panel to create your own unique monster. This user-friendly panel features brightly coloured, intricately engraved tiles that effortlessly slide and manoeuvre. Just shuffle them around to interchange the monster body parts, and birth your own charming creature.

Constructed from High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), the durable panel incorporates a t-slot slider channel for smooth movements of the tiles. HDPE is known for its unyielding strength and is a thoroughly tested recyclable plastic. Each panel offers options for wall mounting or installation using our aluminium t-slot posts for secure ground fixing, providing flexibility based on your needs.

In addition to stimulating both touch and vision, this product bolsters inclusive play, engaging children of all abilities. Craft your own monster now with our Monster Maker Play Panel and let the fun begin.

Product Features
Tile slide mix and match activity
Engraved, colourful sliding tiles
Recycled black core XD
Available with aluminium t-slot posts
Combine panels to create custom layouts
100% recyclable

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