Extension wide slide (1.80)

Key Attributes

Age Group


Area of Use

Public Playgrounds



Suitable for

Suitable for
children from 4 years,
public playgrounds
exercise activities

Techincal Specifications

Lifting Device


Total Length

3.75 m

Total Width

1.10 m

Total Height

2.80 m

Minimum Space Length

7.25 m

Minimum Space Width

4.65 m

Minimum Space Height

3.40 m

Heaviest Single Piece

155.00 kg

(Total) Weight

155.00 kg

Free Height of Fall

1.90 m

Platform Heights



Foundation 1

1 piece - 1.25 x 0.40 x 0.40 m volume: 0.20 m3

Foundation 2


Foundation 3


Foundation 4


Foundation 5


Foundation 6



Number of Installers


Assembly Time


Assembly Details

Assembly time is delivered in one piece (without foundation creation)

Technical Data

Technical data
Base area: 1.10 x 3.75 m
Minimum space: 4.65 x 7.25 m Attachment
height: 1.80 m
Sitting height: 1.90 m Slide incline
: 36 °
Slide plate thickness : 2.5 mm Slide width
: 1.10 m
Weight: 155 kg in total

One-piece stainless steel construction, with additional support in the outlet area. Particularly quiet thanks to the shape of the trough. Please note that in the area of ​​the flange on the slide seat, a suitable surface (wooden platform or planks, concrete foundation, etc.) must be available on site.

For your planning, please note that stainless steel slides are oriented to the north-east due to the possible heating of the slide surface or are in the partial shade of trees.

Foundation (on site)
1 pc. 0.40 x 1.25 x 0.40 m
Amount of concrete: 0.20 m³

Free fall height
max.1.90 m
Depending on the course of the terrain, the free fall height results from the vertical distance between the lower edge of the slide trough to the upper edge of the terrain; The shock-absorbing floor type for the impact surface must be selected so that its critical height of fall is greater than or equal to the height of free fall (see EN 1176-1, Table 4).