Alphabet Snake Wall Play Panel

Introduce a fun way to learn with the Alphabet Snake Play Panel. Encourage children to follow the letters down the snake from A to Z.

This play panel is robustly built from HDPE, a material that neither rots, cracks nor fades. With beautifully engraved graphics, the panel can be mounted on any wall, making it a perfect addition to the playground or play space. This playground equipment requires very minimal maintenance; a simple wipe when necessary is sufficient. It is available in a diverse range of colours to seamlessly match your school playground or play space decor.

The widely appreciated classic, the Alphabet Snake Play Panel, effectively promotes learning through play. It can be fixed onto any vertical surface within your playground or play space or installed onto posts embedded in the ground. Installation of multiple panels side by side or back to back is also possible. Please contact us for more details or download the information sheet.

Product Features
Hard-wearing and durable XD-Eco HDPE construction
Durable engraved graphics
Easy to clean
For wall mounting
Designed to British & European Standards

Download Product Sheet