3 in a Row Game Play Panel

Engage in a thrilling game of the 3-in-a-Row with this sliding counters game. This captivating game serves as the perfect amusement for children during their break times.

The 3-in-a-Row Game Play Panel comes with a total of 16 manoeuvrable red and yellow discs that move seamlessly around the panel. Made from a robust high-density polyethylene panel, the product includes sliding game pieces and offers the flexibility of being mounted on the wall or a post. A noteworthy feature is the discs’ sliding tracks which eliminates the worry of any loose pieces going astray or the need to repeatedly put away and get out the pieces each day. Enjoy this engaging game while utilising perfect UK English grammar and spelling.

Product Features
Two Colour High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
Sliding game pieces
No loose pieces to worry about losing
Can be wall or post mounted
595 x 800 x 28mm
Larger 4 in a Row also available
Recycled plastic posts also available
Total weight: 8.7kg

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