The Challenges of Using Natural Robinia Wood
for Playground Equipment

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Robinia wood, often hailed for its natural appearance and durability, has become a popular choice for playground equipment. Its rustic charm blends seamlessly with outdoor settings, making it an appealing option for creating natural-looking playgrounds. However, despite its many advantages, there are significant issues associated with the use of Robinia wood, particularly concerning rot and cracking. These problems can compromise the safety and longevity of playground structures.

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Cracked robinia wood on playground equipment
large splits and cracks in robinia

Hidden Rotting in Robinia Wood

One of the most insidious problems with Robinia wood is its tendency to rot from the inside. Unlike more predictable types of wood rot, which often start from exposed surfaces and can be easily detected and treated, Robinia wood can rot internally.

This type of rotting is particularly dangerous because it is not visible on the surface, making it difficult to detect until significant damage has already occurred. This hidden rot can weaken the structural integrity of the playground equipment, posing serious safety risks.

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crack in robinia wood use in playground equipment

Cracking and Splitting Issues

Another major issue with Robinia wood is its propensity to develop large cracks and splits. These cracks can occur naturally as the wood dries and contracts. Over time, the cracks can become extensive, further weakening the structure and potentially creating sharp edges that can cause injuries.

The following images highlight the severity of this issue. The second image shows a significant crack running along the length of a support beam, which not only undermines the wood’s structural integrity but also presents a physical hazard to children playing nearby.

Robinia wood exhibits deep splits, which can be particularly concerning if they occur in weight-bearing components of playground equipment.

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The Solution

The Advantages of Glue Laminated Robinia and Finnish Pine

While natural Robinia wood has its challenges, we offer a superior alternative that addresses these issues: Kaiser & Kühne Robinia glue laminated Robinia and Lappset glue laminated Finnish pine. Our glue laminated products are engineered to provide the same natural aesthetic while significantly enhancing durability and safety.

playground equipment made with glue laminated robinia

Glue Laminated Robinia

Our glue laminated Robinia wood from Kaiser & Kühne eliminates the problems of hidden rot and severe cracking. Through a meticulous process, multiple layers of Robinia wood are bonded together using high-strength adhesives. This lamination process not only enhances the structural integrity of the wood but also prevents the internal rotting that can compromise natural Robinia. The result is a robust, long-lasting material that maintains its strength and appearance over time.

Additionally, our glue laminated Robinia comes with a 30-year guarantee, reflecting our confidence in its durability and performance. This extended warranty ensures that playground equipment made from our glue laminated Robinia will stand the test of time, providing a safe and reliable play environment for decades.

Kaiser & Kühne Playground Equipment

playground equipment made of finnish pine

Glue Laminated Finnish Pine

Similarly, our glue laminated Finnish pine from Lappset offers excellent durability and resistance to the common issues faced by natural wood. Finnish pine, known for its strength and aesthetic appeal, is further enhanced through the lamination process. By bonding layers of Finnish pine together, we create a product that resists splitting and cracking, ensuring a stable and secure structure.

Our glue laminated Finnish pine comes with a 15-year guarantee, offering peace of mind that your playground equipment will remain safe and functional for many years. This guarantee underscores our commitment to quality and the longevity of our products.

Lappset Playground Equipment

Choosing glue laminated Robinia or Finnish pine for your playground equipment means opting for superior durability and safety. With extended guarantees of 30 years and 15 years respectively, these materials provide a reliable solution that addresses the limitations of natural wood. Invest in our glue laminated products to ensure your playgrounds are both beautiful and enduring, providing a safe haven for children to play and explore.

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