Creating Sustainable and Safe Golf Course Paths
with Rubber Mulch

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Creating Sustainable and Safe Golf Course Paths with Rubber Mulch

Golf courses are known for their lush greens, picturesque fairways, and challenging hazards, but what about the paths that connect these different areas? Traditional golf course paths are often made of asphalt, concrete, or gravel, which can be costly to maintain and can have negative effects on the environment. A Rubber Mulch path is an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative that offers many benefits to golf course owners and players.

Benefits of Rubber Mulch Paths

  1. Safety: Rubber mulch is made of recycled tires, it provides a soft and forgiving surface that reduces the risk of injury from falls. It also has a non-slip surface to keep players safe while they’re on the move.
  2. Durability: Rubber mulch is resistant to weather and temperature changes, which means that it won’t crack or fade like traditional materials might. This makes rubber mulch a great long-term investment for golf courses.
  3. Low maintenance: Rubber mulch paths require very little maintenance. Unlike gravel or asphalt paths, which can become rutted or eroded over time, rubber mulch paths stay in place and maintain their shape.
  4. Environmentally friendly: Rubber mulch is made from recycled tires, this means it keeps tires out of landfills and turns them into a useful resource.
  5. Cost-effective: In the long run, rubber mulch paths are a cost-effective solution for golf courses. Since they require very little maintenance and last for a long time, the cost of installation is quickly recouped over time.

How to Choose the Best Rubber Mulch Path for Your Golf Course

  1. Quality: Look for rubber mulch that is made of high-quality recycled tires, and that is free of contaminants like metals, glass, or dirt.
  2. Colour: Rubber mulch comes in a variety of colours, make sure to choose one that matches the aesthetic of your course.
  3. Installation: A good installer can ensure that the path is level and well-draining, which will help to prevent erosion and maintain the path’s appearance over time. Redlynch Leisure have been installing rubber mulch surfaces for over 25 years. We do not use any subcontractors. 

In conclusion, rubber mulch paths are an eco-friendly, sustainable, and cost-effective alternative to traditional golf course paths. They offer many benefits, including safety, durability, low maintenance, and environmental friendliness. By choosing a high-quality rubber mulch, the right colour, and Redlynch Leisure, you can create a path that will last for years to come.


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